How to Take Advantage of Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Many brands now rely on video marketing. This strategy is no longer new. The only change that happened is how video has become more important and visible on every social media platform and channel. Gone are the days when it’s just a piece of marketing plan.

It’s no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It’s becomes one of the most important focus for you to use videos to boost your business goals, continue your outreach and campaign efforts, especially when it comes to your social strategy.

Useuser-generated content

While marketers are great storytellers, customers can be more effective in convincing others to buy a product or avail a service. By showcasing how it solved their problem or how products can be used, having a user-generated content or UGC can be more useful as compared to traditional marketing videos. You can do this by encouraging your customers and fans to make their own user-generated content by asking for it. You can host contests, giveaways, or any other incentivizing participation. Another option is to ask fans to take photos, videos, or share content on their social media accounts about how they use your products or why they love using them. This is more convincing as compared to traditional advertising. This type of content can be shared through social media platforms, on landing pages, as well as in marketing emails.

Have a clear message

Video can be perceived like a departure from other types of marketing, or a way to test out a branding refresh. However, it’s important that the viewers who are watching your videos know exactly who and what is speaking to them. In a study by McKinsey and Company, those companies with consistent branding are 20% more successful than those without. For instance, if your videos are on YouTube or a social media channel, they should link to your site or a landing page, with clear, on-brand creative and messaging that’s unified across each channel. If the viewers see that your video marketing communications are different from what they are seeing on Facebook, it becomes a reflection of your brand. As a result, it could hurt rather than help.

Set a proper budget

A lot of marketers make the mistake of thinking that by putting a lot of money into a video project, it will automatically make it a success. What they do not realize is that not spending enough budget on a far-reaching campaign could negatively impact your brand’s image. This is because it will not let the messaging come across in a low-quality way.

Have your videos optimized

Depending on the platforms you decide to launch your campaigns, you will need to see to it that your videos are optimized for it to get as much engagement as possible. For example, you need to post shorter videos on Facebook. You also need to upload videos directly to the Facebook channel and add captions. For YouTube, you need to wait about two weeks after your video launches in order to make any tweaks and refine your target audience.

And optimizing videos for Twitter means finding the balance between fine-tuned targeting – from interest to keywords to device – and not over targeting to make sure you can easily track which campaign is performing best.

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